Mental Game Shot

Website and e commerce for mental clarity sports drink.

Mental Game Shot Website Homepage
Mental Game Shot Mobile Website Design

Project Details

Mental Game Shot is a new product for the golf industry, which promotes mental clarity and focus during a game. The client needed a sharp website to help promote this new product and communicate the features and ingredients of the drink as well as a shopping platform to purchase the product online.

A very cool brand style combined with lots of creative freedom from the client lead to a really fantastic website. Organizing the content and supplement information in an easily digestible way was difficult, but success was found by use of iconography and expanded information on hover.

This project was completed with the help of talented photographer Charles Schoenberger.

San Pablo Economic Development Corporation

A content platform for the City of San Pablo's Economic Development Corporation.

San Pablo Economic Development Corporation Website
San Pablo Economic Development Corporation Website

Project Details

The City of San Pablo commissioned a new website for their Economic Development Corporation with the goal of featuring local businesses and the community they support. The EDC plays a vital role for the municipality by attracting new business, supporting existing businesses, and assisting people with employment. However their depth of services goes far beyond local businesses and job hunting — as such, this website had to serve as a robust content platform serving many different demographics.

 With the information constantly changing on the site, it had to serve primarily as a content platform for the city of San Pablo. The city also requested the ability to use in-house assets throughout the website. Care was taken to develop a site that was as easy to use as possible and presented their imagery, videos, and text in the best way possible. This was achieved with careful planning and lots of back-end Content Management System setup. For example, images are automatically re-sized to appropriate dimensions for its intended use, when uploaded. This keeps the website fast, efficient, and saves the city and government time.

 The San Pablo Economic Development Corporation site is also ADA (American Disability Act) and Section 508 optimized.

10 Years of the New de Young

A microsite to celebrate the 10th anniversary of San Francisco’s beautiful de Young museum building.

de young museum web design - desktop view
de young museum web design - phone view

Project Details

The Ten Years of the de Young website was created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the museum’s iconic architecture and its place within the San Francisco community. For the first time, beautiful imagery of the new de Young’s construction is displayed alongside the community’s personal stories. As these two elements were the focus of the website, custom time-lapse photography was captured to show the connection between the building and the community.

The challenge with this project was creating a website as unique and as beautiful as the de Young while allowing the content to take center stage. Light typography, pin lines, and a stark white background gave the design its modern feel while allowing for subtle integration of brand colors. Specifically, the H2 tags were knocked out with a copper patina texture, and the timeline bar is gradated with the de Young color palette. The gradated timeline also parallels the imagery: gray with the historical photos, copper during construction, and green with the landscaped building. The site is anchored with a landscape view of the building, appropriately terminating the timeline with how the museum stands today.



A redesign of, an online proofreading and editing service.

kibin web design - phone view
Kibin web design - desktop view

Project Details

Kibin had an existing website that needed a major overhaul. served its initial purpose of capturing initial customers and driving lots of traffic with great SEO; however, the design quickly became dated and didn’t match the quality of service that Kibin provides.

Being that Kibin’s primary customer segment is students, this design needed to be something more fun and engaging to that demographic. The color palette was updated and custom flat icons were created to support a more dynamic redesign. Furthermore, the user experience was retooled to help visitors find the information quickly and also to help improve Kibin’s conversion rate. The latter was achieved with eye-catching sign up forms, liberal use of trust building customer testimonials and product selection funnel.

Pacific Lake Partners

Web design for search fund venture capital investment firm, Pacific Lake Partners.

Pacific Lake Partners website design - desktop view
Pacific Lake Partners website design - phone view

Project Details

Being one of the pioneers of search fund venture capital, Pacific Lake Partners needed a website to match their seniority in the investment world. Previously they had a simple splash page containing their logo, brief business description, and contact information for nearly five years; as such, a full redesign was a great leap forward in their online presence.

The desire was to have a very modern, clean, and well organized website to accurately represent Pacific Lake and provide information to search fund entrepreneurs. This was achieved with clean typography, a neutral color palette, and thoughtful organization of content. The home page functions as a clean elevator pitch for Pacific Lake, while the “Search Fund Model” section guides the visitor through their investment process with organized text, supporting videos, and step-by-step navigation. The rest of the website substantiates the quality of their business with their showcase of funded entrepreneurs, in-depth partner profiles, and informative resource section.

All in all, this website functions very well to leverage Pacific Lake Partner’s industry experience while being very informative to potential search fund entrepreneurs or investors.

Aethion Systems

Collaborative web design for IT services business, Aethion Systems.

Aethion Systems Website Design - phone view
Aethion Systems Website Design - desktop view

Project Details

Aethion Systems, a leading technology outsourcing and cloud services provider needed a sharper sales focused website. Being that the IT market is very competitive, Aethion’s redesign needed to be clean, current, and focused on sales and SEO. This project was in collaboration with web marketing firm, Hewatt Design.

The client wanted this design to have a clean and modern feel while integrating rich textural details. While clean modern websites tend to be void of textures, the client’s needs were met with a composed hero image of IT related desk items on a mahogany hardwood. The body of the site has a subtle gray felt texture that fades out as the user scrolls and a crisp white call to action bar separates the two textures. The remainder of the website maintains a modern appearance with a neutral color palette, light pin-lines, and wireframe icons.

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